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Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Happy Easter to all who celebrate and Happy Good Sunday to all that don't.

Last night, I had a mission to deliver some Easter goodies to our locals and I spent the night sewing away. I was determined. Determination can get you far and counting small accomplishments along the way keep you going when you are the most tired and most vulnerable.

I have a strict regiment when working and one of the key elements of that is do everything, try everything and see what works best. When I started making masks, I had some elastic and that made it so much easier. I cut up and prepped all the elastic, then the base of masks, then sewing. EASY. Really the sewing is the easiest part.

Then, I ran out of elastic and anything remotely easier to make for straps and that meant I had to make every strap.

I time myself on any task I do now. I track my tasks and the minutes or hours it took me to accomplish the said tasks then I am able to figure out ultimately how much time each part of a single tangible product would cost at the end.

Here is how it has been going... hours on cutting and ironing and sewing the straps. Very little time in putting on the pieces together and sewing to the final product. This creative project to help with masks seemed so much easier than it really is. I know how to sew and I am fast, why not? Here is what I have learned through it though... I AM NOT AS GOOD AS I THOUGHT I WAS. :/ I mean I am good, but once I actually sat down, timed and evaluated so much time was lost in between the tasks.

Now, I know I am home and a mom, upon other things, but in this craft and this particular skill, I have so much to learn and so much time to make up. I want to. This is what is pushing me and why I will stay up all night and test myself and my skills. My patience and my understanding of the tasks at hand. I have learned so much more about precision and detail then I ever knew. I have upgraded my skill by a hundred points in two weeks all because the challenge is there and I took it upon myself to enter the challenge and try.

The benefit is not mine alone. The benefit of me wanting and desiring this greatness within me is benefiting the community by a thousand fold. I know that. I see that. Believe me when I say it has taken a long time to see that and to recognize the powers within, but we all have them.

We all have them if we are WILLING to make the sacrifices for them in our own personal lives.

I am. I am willing to risk the way of my life for the betterment of myself and the world.

That starts with the simple request of a need and fulfilling that need. And I don't mean just do the work and deliver. I mean, quality and time are key. The dedication to your craft and to yourself. The understanding and compassion that you will not be the greatest but you sure can strive for it.

This knowledge that what you do for you and your life will impact the rest of the world whether you are directly or indirectly involved is a weight and a freedom all at once.

The freedom of the knowledge you benefited a human in this world is worth more than any amount of gold in this existence. The value we provide to humans on an everyday level is the true meaning of our humanity. That is the goal I strive to have in myself and the culture I am bringing to my organization and my team. I want them to understand and acknowledge their greatness and their ability to impact and save a life. It has taken three years of trial and error working and building the organization but I can honestly say I am so happy I did not give up and I am so proud of my own determination and the WILL to do what it took to get to here. Blessings upon humans daily.

Our blessings our you and your support of our own survival as an organization during this time. Thank you to everyone who shares, likes and donates and to our local media for the coverage.

Thank you! We will keep going until we win. #masks #communitysupport #donations #nonprofit

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