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As a non-profit organization our goal is to be as transparent as possible with our actions and reactions because we understand we are part of the consequence as a whole in society.

We are so excited to share with you what we have done since we started taking request for masks.

When we started this, it was with the

utmost intention to be a benefit to the community as fast and as best as we could be. We know we are valuable during a crisis but most of us do not know where to begin. We are fortunate that our goal is to always find a solution and a way to impact no matter what, even if it is just to stay home to help the community long term.

Here is what happened from the first request on 3/27 until our most delivery on 4/22.

Our initial goal was 100 mask, we surpassed it. Second goal was 300, we surpassed it. We are at our third goal we had set for us of 500 masks and we are going to surpass it. We are so honored we can be of help to so many in this time.

Side note: When you subscribe to the email list, you will receive a detailed report of are actions and reactions just like you see below. This is from the most recent email sent our of our reporting.

We have raised $805 since starting and spend $871.00 on fabrics, supplies and fees.

We have delivered over 350 masks (50 more delivered on 4/25) since we have started. We have resources for an estimated 300 more masks and we hope to be able to continue to help with your and with your help we can do it! We have been asked about making surgical masks and currently we cannot meet that demand because of the fabric restraint, but with your donations we can purchase more to be able to provide our local health care with the items needed for protection.

To donate we have a cash app $PROJECTHUMANINC as well as paypal.

Take a look at the slideshow for whats been happening!

Our Future Plans

Like the whole world we are in the same position. Shut down and unable to contribute to our full potential. Here is what the key motivation is for us in finding a way to stay relevant and important in your life during this time. We believe in humanity and CHANGE. This is a sudden change but we are making headway and proving we can succeed even in the worst of times with focus and dedication. A clear path with the resources at hand and that is what we are doing with the Mask Initiative. This is our Creative Project for the year and all the same principles apply from our homes.

We are currently working on bringing you the following the next few months: ● Online Mental and Emotional Support Classes ● Podcast where you can share your thoughts and feelings. Where you can express.

Thank you for all the support and we hope that you are all doing the best you can during this time. Please reach out to us INFO@PHINC-ING.ORG if you need talk or you have a way you can benefit us and the community.

Until next time,


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