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Social Distancing and Social Obligation: WRN

Today, I want to talk to you about my thoughts and feelings on social distancing and social obligation.

Let me start with social distancing. Social distancing means exactly as it sounds. To distance ourselves from social interactions that we all love so much. To stay home. This is something we have not had to do as a society today and if anything, the more on top of each other we are the happier we seem. To be honest that is not the case. In my experience, distance from social obligation is necessary for the mind, body and soul to recharge and reconnect. It is necessary to evaluate the self and its wants, dreams, troubles and so forth. We are not trained or prepared for that. So we panic. I want to share my positive thought on this. I find it beautiful to be isolated and free from being obligated and constrained by someone else's time, want, desire, need and so forth. That I have seen the lack of my own routine and my own neglect because I chose social obligation and not my own. I see where I lack patience and quality leadership skills that I know I am capable of. I see things now that I did not because I do not have to focus on anyone else's wants but my own. I want to be the best of the best for me and not anyone else. That requires my social obligation to be reevaluated. During this time, that is exactly what I am doing. My only requirement from society at the moment is to stay home and have patience. I know I am fortunate and lucky then most now... but I wasn't always. I understand the fear and anxiety and I understand the hopelessness, but you have to have the will to want to win. THE WILL IS YOU.

Social obligation is something we thrive on as humans. We mark up are calender's and fill our lives with meetings, activities and we choose those social obligations and complain so much about them. We ask for the time to ourselves and the time to think. The time to feel and the time to sleep. We ask to be left alone. We have such a love/hate relationship with ourselves and our social obligations that we are willingly choosing all of our own sufferings or happiness. Social obligations are the barriers we build to avoid looking at our own selves.

Covid happened and we were forced to end all unnecessary social obligations including businesses. We were forced to break that barrier we worked so hard to build up. We are now forced to look at our own selves for who we truly are. The only necessary obligation we have to society is to stay home. Everything we all every wanted...or is it?

We say we are true human beings who would do what we must if humanity was at stake. We say we want to do all these things and we want and want and want, but what I have come to recognized is that there is no WILL in the want of it all. What are you WILLING to do, to sacrifice? Are you WILLING to be humbled and face the humility of self? Are you willing to go the distance to be what you so desperately

The want includes work. The will is the work.

What does the will require? What does the will need to achieve the want?

These are the questions that I have recognized many are not asking themselves. We have to be willing to actually do the things we say we want to do. We have to put forth some actionable effort.

Because I am sewing masks at the moment, I am going to use this as an example. Say you want to learn to sew so badly that you have prepared subconsciously for this opportunity to do so. You have all the tools needed. You have the machine, needles, thread, some fabric, maybe a few buttons, scissors, a table, electricity and a space to sew.

What do those tools require to work? YOU. What does the want require to be achieved? YOU.

So, you don't know how to sew but you have everything you need. The next step is an action. You have to sew. In your requirement you have to take action. You have to put in

actionable effort and what I mean by that is that the actions you take to achieve your goal have to have plan and follow through. You have to sew. You have to practice and have patience. You have to educate yourself and fail before you ever succeed. This is the hardest part of your success. The requirement because the want requires the WILL to succeed. Are you willing to give up your free time to take a few sewing classes or watch a few youtube

videos? Are you willing to sacrifice the time with your family to sit in a room and sew lines after lines to perfection? Are you willing to invest money into the materials needed for the want? WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO DO?

Once you have done what you are willing to do to achieve your success or accomplishment will you have success and accomplishment.

So you now have gave up time with family, watched some videos, practiced and messed up your threading and broke a needle or two, but you are sewing. You are doing what you want to do. You are achieving your goal. This is where you decide how much further you are willing to go with this and sacrifice.

The more you want the more it will REQUIRE of YOU.

The only want you have right now is to get back out there with your friends and family. To your jobs and your lives. What is required of you to achieve that is to follow the guidelines, the rules. Patience and understanding and compassion. What you need to do is use this time to spend with the ones in your house. To enjoy some sleep and catch up on all other things you wanted to do. To reflect on life. To breath. To love yourself. To be kind. To stay home. Staying home is an actionable effort because we can see how hard it is for us all to control our action in staying home.

To sum it up...YOU, the being, the human existing today have a social responsibility now to do your part in this social distancing time. YOU, the being, the human existing today is required to do that so you can have what you want. The outside. Sacrifice for the time being so that the future is there for you. LONG TERM goals even in the mist of a crisis is what sustains most who survive.

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