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Welcome to PHInc.  

Disclaimer: Project Human Inc. is a peer-to-peer advocacy group focused on bridging the gap between mental and emotional health through conversation, education, and positive expression. We are not medical professionals. If you are in crisis, please call 911 for emergencies or 988 for prevention.

At Project Human Inc., we're not just breaking the silence around mental health; we're orchestrating a symphony of understanding, compassion, and empowerment. Our commitment to fostering positive change reaches far and wide, touching lives through a range of  accessible and creative services.


At Project Human Inc., we believe that mental health is not just a conversation; it's a movement. Join us as we reshape narratives, challenge perceptions, and create a world where every individual has the tools and support to thrive.


Welcome to a community where empowerment is not just a goal; it's our shared reality.


Let's build a future of mental health, together.


Monthly Continued Conversations

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and connection with our Monthly Continued Conversations. These thought-provoking sessions transcend the boundaries of stigma, creating safe spaces where individuals from all walks of life come together to share, learn, and grow. Join the conversation – because your voice matters.


The Artist Within Podcast

 Dive into the rich tapestry of mental and emotional health with our groundbreaking podcast, The Artist Within. This platform is not just about storytelling; it's a sanctuary where narratives intertwine to inspire, uplift, and offer solace. Tune in, and let the power of shared experiences ignite the artist within you.


Quarterly Mental Health Days

In our relentless pursuit of holistic well-being, we introduce Quarterly Mental Health Days. These dedicated moments serve as a collective pause – a chance to recalibrate, reflect, and prioritize mental health. Because investing in yourself is an investment in a brighter, resilient future.


Creative Team Building Classes

For organizations and businesses committed to nurturing a supportive workplace culture, our Creative Team Building Classes offer a unique blend of artistic expression and team cohesion. Unleash creativity, foster collaboration, and watch as your team transforms into a unified force ready to tackle any challenge.

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