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Adela was born in Bosnia-Herzegovina on July 14, 1987. In 1993, during the Bosnian War, at the age of five, she was captured, along with her family, and held prisoner until her rescue. On May 7, 1997, she immigrated, with her immediate family to the USA. She became an official citizen of the United States right before her 18th birthday in 2005. She graduated from Edward H. White High School in 2006 and attended Jacksonville University until 2008. In 2013 she completed her licensing for cosmetology from Aveda Institute. In 2014, she opened her own business Adela H Hair and went on to successfully transition her business into the art world. In 2017 she launched her own magazine publication A.D.E.L.A.VILLE, where she discovered her voice through her own depression. In 2017, she officiated the launch of her non-profit Project Human Inc., PHInc., in which she hopes she can help bring about the change in our narratives and end the stigma on mental and emotional health through her own story, her experiences and her awareness of self. The non-profit is her legacy and her future for JACKSONVILLE because she believes in her city. The humans of Jacksonville are wonderful beings and they deserve the opportunity to create the change first within themselves then within the community.  On July 2, 2018, she received her diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, chronic pain of the muscles and nerves, that have for years been told to her was just in her head and were only associated with her traumatic experiences. She is fighting against the stigma that the society has placed on invisible illness and on the stigma against mental and emotional health one conversation at a time.


“I am the bridge between the possibility and impossibility. I am strong in the structure of myself. I am the path to greatness because I am a bridge to someone else. Let’s build bridges together.”



My mission in life is to inspire humans to believe in themselves so much so that they make a conscious choice to be a better human being. Everything I do is to ensure that the footprints I leave behind are not destructive. I believe through honest conversation we can understand and find common ground in our differences. I believe through creative education we can teach ourselves and our community on how to find the best solutions. More importantly, I believe in positive tangible expression, where the creation of and for oneself is key in the evolution of society. 

I am on this journey of discovering my own humanity. I suffer from my own demons just like everyone else. I have ignored them for as long as I could and I have allowed them to drown me as often as possible. I believe in myself. I believe I am capable of living in this world. I am strong enough to conquer anything. I am wise enough to know I know nothing and yet through experience, I know more than I care to admit. 


I know how hard it is not to have a voice, even though you are the loudest person in the room. 

I have found my voice. 

When I was at my lowest and when I was lost the most, my four-year-old son, lit the way and offered me a bridge to cross. I had no way out but because he believed in me... I learned and will continue to educate myself on believing in myself. I saw what it will be and I saw what I had to do three years ago and I have worked so hard to design the human I wish to see in this world and influence my small human, my son, to become the best version of his True Self.  


Project Human Inc., PHInc., is my voice and it is my essence of who I am. I am a project and I deserve the resources to build myself up. I hunted for those resources that fed my soul and my mind. I hunted for the peace that the earth and her beauty bring me and my physical body. PHInc., IS MY REBIRTH, it is the birth of Adela today and the shedding of Adela the lost and confused self. I am shedding my fears. One day at a time and with PHInc., I know I can provide resources I lacked to others in their hunt for their True Self. I have found mine and I have found my breath. I breathe this and the opportunity to fuel another humans essence with so much color, love, and compassion. Motivate them into action no matter how small the act of self-care may be.

Every moment counts as an opportunity to make a positive change and every day you have the opportunity to be a bridge to someone else. Our narrative matters and the stigmas we place in our society can only change when we change our narratives. I believe in humanity. All of my faith is in humanity and in their power to create life not take it. 


Thank you again for taking the time to hear me, see me and feel me. I have many things I will be sharing with you and I hope I can inspire you to never fear your Greatness. It is a beautiful, powerful and magical essence when you allow the True Self to speak.


The website is under continuing reconstruction and I apologize in advance for any inconvenience. About Me podcast will be out 2020. I am excited to share with you my journey of self-love and self-care. I am excited to share with you my own story and the stories of those around me and in my community because they inspire me to be a better human. 


PHInc. Magazine is with new content and a new structure. Click here PHInc. Magazine 

Thank you again


Adela Hittell/Founder/ Creator of PHInc. 

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