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Here is what our masks look like!

As stated before, we are not making medical grade masks but we are making them to the best available research, resources and time we have.

We are extremely strict on following the highest available sanitation and disinfection rules we can.

We sanitize and disinfect all tools and surfaces on a daily basis. Hand sanitizer is our best friend.

Each mask is made by one set of hands that have followed protocol of self cleaning and sanitation before work begins. We require clean attire during the mask making process to help minimize risk.


Each mask is made out of 100% cotton and made with straps for adjustment and comfort. Also, elastic bands and elastic in general is hard to find at the moment.

The mask is made with a small 2" pocket on the inside where an additional filter can be added.

We are working through the requests as fast as we can we the least amount of possible risk to anyone.

We have placed delivery procedures to minimize human contact.

We encourage you to wash the masks once you receive them to ensure you have done your sanitation of the mask. Again, we are doing all we can but cannot guarantee anything during this time other than we have done our best to minimize the risks to all.


Here is a look at our continuing efforts to help the community.

We thank you for keeping us going by allowing us to provide with a need with the skills we have at hand.

Our goal is to be a positive response and benefit during this time and more importantly after. It's about the win at the end. We win together.

We appreciate all the donations that allow us to bring more and more families the masks needed.

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