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PHInc-ing About Me Podcast/Videocast 

To bring real conversations about mental and emotional health

2 formats of conversation

  • Interviews 

I enjoy human interaction so much and with Covid hitting hard, I could not wait to see my humans and talk to them. I believe in the importance of conversation and time invested in humans. The following interviews are with humans who have impacted me the most and I can't wait to share more. ​

Interested in participating, email me 

  • Self-Conversation 

I talk to myself a lot and I believe in the value of a good self talk. I will be sharing with you soon my most inner thoughts and conversations I have with myself. Moments that can end up making or breaking me or just moments of reflection or evolution. ​

So many moments happen to us alone and we do not talk or think of them. I do and I talk to myself about them. 

You are not crazy to have a conversation with yourself and walk yourself through your own thought process. That is quite remarkable I would say instead. 


  • Joseph Lago 

  • Isabell Lindva

***Interviews will not be released in any particular order 

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