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Free Form Writers
Share Your Story with PHInc.

Your words hold power.

Your experiences are uniquely yours.

Your truth is your strength, and your expression is a gift.


At PHInc., our core mission revolves around creating a safe haven for expression. We wholeheartedly believe in fostering this safe space for every individual we encounter.


Becoming a Free Form Writer means embracing the opportunity to write from the depths of your soul. It means narrating your journey in a way that inspires others and educates them on mental and emotional health.

It's about empowering yourself and your community to discover positive, tangible outcomes in life.


When you join us as a Free Form Writer, you're making a commitment to be honest, ethical, and moral in your narrative. You'll be encouraged to explore the depths of your consciousness and discover creative, positive ways to express yourself and contribute to our community.


By becoming a Free Form Writer, you acknowledge that Project Human Inc. (PHInc.) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to education, advocacy, and the sharing of diverse perspectives on mental and emotional health. PHInc. is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. The content shared by Free Form Writers represents their unique viewpoints and experiences and is intended for informational and educational purposes only. PHInc. encourages all readers to consult with qualified healthcare professionals regarding their individual mental health needs. While we foster a safe space for expression, we expect all Free Form Writers to adhere to ethical and moral standards in their narratives.

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