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Welcome to Project Human Inc., where we're on a mission to bridge the gap in mental and emotional health through communication, education, and artistic expression. We believe in the power of individuals to make a positive impact, and we invite you to join us in shaping the future.


Why Join Project Human Inc.?

  • Mission That Matters  

    • We are dedicated to providing new perspectives on mental and emotional health.

  • Collaborative Environment

    • Work alongside like-minded individuals passionate about mental health advocacy.

  • Impactful Initiatives

    • From podcasts to community projects, be part of initiatives that inspire and create change.


How You Can Contribute:

Board of Directors

Lead the way in steering our organization towards success.


Contribute your skills and interests to focused committees shaping specific areas.

Spread the Message

Even if you're not ready to take on a formal role, you can still make a significant impact by sharing our mission. Every share reaches new individuals and brings us one step closer to a community united in mental health advocacy. Share the message on your social media, tell your friends, and let's amplify our reach together.

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