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HAPPY NEW YEAR & 365 P.S.A. - Positively Sticky A's

Updated: Jan 12, 2021


I CLAIM THAT 2021 IS THE YEAR OF THE GREATEST LETTER IN THE ALPHABET! Yes, ladies and gentlemen I am talking about none other than the letter A.

A is a very powerful letter. A is the leader of the individual letters that follow for all of them as a collective to create the most amazing thing called language!

This year is the year of the A.

I have a challenge not just for myself but for all of you!

For the next 365 days of this 2021 year, I want you to find 1 POSITIVE or POWERFUL A moment in your day and make a STICKY of it.

  • Find an AFFIRMATION.

  • List your ACHIEVEMENTS.

  • Hold yourself ACCOUNTABLE for your ACTIONS today.

There is a POSITIVE A in your every day life if you choose to look for it by reflecting on your day and your moments that made you feel good and bad. Recognize them and ACKNOWLEDGE them so that you can change. Embrace the journey and learn to ADAPT to the positive AUTHENTIC narrative of self you can ACHIEVE.

Can you see what I did there? I used words that were powerful for the mind to be motivated by. Words that were tangible through execution.

Why is this practice important?

It is important because it causes you to truly reflect and recognize your responsibility in oneself. It clears your vision in the daily actions you are taking to attain your personal and career goals or even your spiritual. The practice to change one word in your vocabulary that is empowering can produce an action out of you is a powerful tool in your mental arsenal. There are days you will not want to do anything nor feel like there is a purpose to existence, but one small positive tangible reminder can go a long way in creating many moments of positive tangible reminders that we are capable and able to succeed at our set goals in life.

My goal with this campaign/initiative is for us to build a tangible arsenals of positive mental, physical and spiritual reminders of daily greatness. My hope that in the next 365 DAYS of this year we can begin to see and change any part of our narrative we do not want to have in our life or the one we want to improve on and become more skilled in.

The next 365 days is a LONG time to make a change, but it is such a short time when we begin the EXECTUTION of our wants.

Here is a list of words that begin with the letter A and the questions you can ask yourself to help keep you on track of 1 simple POSITIVE STICKY A per day! I have been doing this for a while now and I wanted to share it with you. It changed my life. It is all up to you for this to work and your want to change. It will not be overnight, nothing every is and it always starts with the first step.

  • Appreciate

  • Award

  • Affirm

  • Account

  • Accomplish

  • Adapt

  • Attain

  • Activate

Why not make this year the 2021, the first step you take with 1positive moment every single day.

If you asked yourself one question a day what do you think you would learn about yourself or others? Take on this challenge and answer one question per day. Do not be afraid of the reflection in front. You already know the answers, all you have to do to make the change is ACKNOWLEDGE & ACCEPT the truth of your answers. Finally, take the steps to change the truths you do not like about your answers.

It does work if you are willing to take full responsibility for the self and hold it accountable for change.

Ask yourself any of the following questions. Try to ask yourself 1 per day or if you are up to the challenge ask many, but be honest.

  • What is 1 thing you have accomplished today that made you feel good to complete?

  • What is 1 affirmation that you used today and what is the meaning behind it?

  • What is 1 action you have take today that is toward your personal want?

  • What is 1 action you have taken today for your self care?

  • Did you tell someone you admired them today?

  • What is 1 award you have given yourself today? What is your definition of an award to self?

  • Did you have a plan for achieving your goals? If so, is it written down? If not. write it out.

  • Do you believe your goals are attainable?

  • Did you hug yourself today?

  • How did you adapt to situations that were out of your control this month?

Again, these are just a few questions you can ask yourself everyday to measure your progress in whatever you have chosen you want to succeed in. It will take time and you will not be perfect during this process. You will fall and you will feel like you do not want to get up at times this coming year, but take this challenge and remind yourself to look for ONE POSITIVE THING in your 24 hours of existence in ONE DAY then you can find 365 good things in 8760 hours of your year. I think that is a good start and lets double that and double that.

52 weeks in a year, 1 positive will always impact another. 1:2 will save more then a few.

Try to start this new year as positively as you possibly can. I do not know your individual lives but I do believe in your individual strength to overcome and find 1 single good minute in your day.

1 minute will turn into 365 positive moments of your life. That is almost a full 16 DAYS of POSITIVE GOOD ATTAINABLE energy and moments you can have if you choose.

That is powerful.

Until next time, AH

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