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Covid-19 Mask Making

As the world is trying to figure out what to do in their quarantine time, we have found a way to be productive and beneficial still.

AH/U Designed has donated fabrics and time to sew masks for the local community. The masks are not medical grade but are produced to the highest sanitation and disinfection standards available.


On March 30th, we began collecting requests from the community and local businesses. The requests have come pouring in and we have begun completing them one by one. During this first week we have gathered up a team of volunteers to help manage the requests, process and distribute the masks as safely and efficiently as possible. We prepared procedures and policies on the handling of masks, packaging and distribution and ensuring that we are limiting the amount of human handling as possible. Our goal is strictly to provide the need in our community during this crisis. Everyone of us volunteers believe we can do something with the resources and skills we have at hand right now this moment. We all feel the fear and uncertainty as well as doubt of our own self. Instead of focusing our time on that we want to focus on the win after this.

What can we do now so that we win later?

We can answer the call to those in need and that is what we are doing. We have delivered a set of masks and will be delivering another set soon. That is what we can do and how we can be beneficial at this moment.

We want to keep the hope alive and that there is a light at the end of this tunnel. There is a way to survive.


Dropping off masks part 1

We exchanged our first few requests and we tried to have some fun through this.

Do what you can and do the best you can. Make it through the day. We did!

Our goal is to help and we are doing it as safely as possible.

We are making changes and plans daily to accommodate the changes around us.

We encourage you to breathe and take a moment and be here. Life is unpredictable and life can knock us down but we as humans are designed for this. Designed to evolve from the worst of the worst of situation. To be more than what we thought we were. It is about perspective.

  • See the win

  • Feel the win

  • Win

Decide to take charge of yourself during this time and recognized we are capable of coming on the other end through anything.

Humanity is meant to win.

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