This is our Project Human Inc., online store where we sell merchandise as part of our continuous efforts in funding our non-profit. 

COVID-19 is in full effect and that means that non-profits have been affected as much as the rest of the industries across the globe. 

We will continue to thrive and bring the necessary resources to our community even through this time because of humans like you. 

Every purchase directly helps fund the organizations projects within the community. 

Currently, the greatest one we have is to help fight COVID-19

and we are doing just that by sewing and providing our local

community and healthcare providers with masks. 

We are using  the inventory we have but we will need to

replenish to keep going. 

With your purchase you can help us bridge that gap of need right now. 

Unfortunately, due to the outbreak, we cannot promise the quickest delivery on your purchase, so please be patient with us and our partners as we all navigate this pandemic. 


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