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We Are Coming


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Who are we?

We are dedicated advocates committed to illuminating the oath to resilience, healing and personal growth, while building a compassionate community that celebrates the triumph of the human spirit. 


The purpose of the podcast is to create a safe, educational and empowering space where individuals effected by different alignments can find solace, support and hope. 


Through heartfelt storytelling, and personal experiences, our podcast aims to foster awareness, reduce stigma, and offer practical guidance to those navigating personal challenges. 

What to expect?

  • Empowerment and support 

  • Awareness and understanding 

  • Coping Strategies and Tools

  • Inspiration and Hope 

  • Building a supporting community 

  • Professional Insights 

  • Mental Health Education and Advocacy 

  • Breaking Stigmas and Isolation 

  • Personal Growth and Transformation 


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