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In October of 2020, I had a small idea to express my own constraints in society and in my own mind. With the help of the community, I was able to execute and achieve the reality of the project.

The idea began with the simple fight against the self and winning the war within. A chess game with life. What I have learned through that experience is that I am undefeated, that everyone is undefeated when they decide to calculate every move you make and make sure the move is a winning move for the day. To prove we could make moves and win intentionally, we set out on this journey.

We executed the whole project within 6 weeks and were able to truly make something meaningful not only for the community but to those who were involved in the creation of the final project. We released a short music video inspired by Valley of Wolves “Lions Inside” and showcased each character in a way that brought them to life with so much emotion through the screen. After the release, the feedback was fantastic and humans wanted to know more about the lore of Checkmate. Who were the characters? Why did they make the choices they did? What was the point of a movement or a sword? There was so much discussion it brought a whole new world to life.

what is next for the project itself?

In 2022, I hope to complete the documentary called CHECKMATE: Journey to Here, where I will share with the community the last 4 years of making Project Human Inc., plans, executions and interviews from participants of the Creative Project Initiative: The Checkmate project.

Once the documentary is complete, the following are the plans for bringing it to the community:

Theater Release —> Rental of theater for private screenings. Tickets will be on sale months prior to release date.

State promotion tour —> Travel to Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Atlanta, Brunswick, and Tallahassee for interviews and promotion of the documentary.

Festival submissions —> The documentary will be submitted to multiple film festivals and submitted to network agents.

Network release —> Final step is to release the documentary on streaming platforms like AmazonPrime Video, Netflix or Hulu.

This is a 2022-2023 plan due to the ever changing world of Covid, our own industry and financial resources we have available to complete each stage. More details for each stage of the plan will be sent out as the time comes closer to release.

We will have a new merchandise line to help us raise the funds to complete post production, promotion, travel and submission fees.

There have been many changes that have occurred since our last update in 2021 and many things have had to be maneuvered in ways that will benefit the participants of the project.

Many things in the universe are at play at the moment and many things that are uncontrollable, but what is controllable is the hope and continued work towards making our dreams a reality.

Again, I want to thank every human who has helped so far make this journey a special one. Your contribution in any way has not gone unappreciated. I have grown so much through PHInc., and the journey of creating the safe space for self love and expression.

I have been knocked down left and right. I have been wrong on so many levels on so many things around me, but I have never been wrong about the human potential and the hope I have for it. Myself included. I hope that all this is worth the wait for you as the process of making it all has been for me. I have no other path than this and it is so happy when I think about it.

I hope that in 2022 you can be a happier you. I wish you all the health and success in your human growth. You will achieve all you decide to achieve.

Thank you again for the support and love. Please follow our pages and if you can donate or share our work, we all would greatly appreciate it.

Stay tuned for many more announcements in 2022!


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