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Our understanding of Mental Health

Mental health is a state of being in any given moment, time, and space of existence that contributes to our functionality which benefits humanity, society, and our communities.

Many factors play into our daily states of being and its consequences of desired or undesired mental health.

State of being, simply means, functioning in any given moment of time and space in existence.

How we think, feel, see, act, and react to reality is what determines the consequences of our mental health.

Mental illness is the collection of all mental disorders that affect the states of being, and it does not discriminate. It can affect anyone, anywhere and at any given moment.

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We all have a mental illness, whether mild or extreme cases. We all live with a mental illness because our mental health, our state of being, was affected in the construction of the self in childhood, teenage years, and adulthood by circumstances and situations we may or may not have been prepared for.

The states of being around our own construction are the conditions that forge the reality in which we must thrive, survive or die in.

We are given resources and instructions on the construction of our own bridge based on their (society) own experiences of results without the full study and understanding of the process of construction themselves and placing expectations to follow that instructions and resources that do not match.

What we must ask ourselves; have those resources and instructions about how we construct our own states of being truly tested on themselves by those providing them or are they theories?

If tested, then those who have walked the path of those instructions and gathered those resources will provide you with exactly what you need to CREATE for yourself.

Nothing more, nothing less.

They will understand that it is about the process of changing your daily narrative function from what is not vs. what is beneficial to a successful state of being in any given moment.

Either way, you have a choice to make. Follow every instruction to the letter and use every resource provided to build your bridge to sustain the weight of your state of being, or pause, evaluate the instructions, review the resources, and decide on your OWN design of your bridge based on the weight you can carry vs. the weight others will bring.

Someone’s weight of existence will be lighter than others, while others weight will be the armor that they have come to require for any battle.

This is a practice of accountability and responsibility for the self to move and construct at the pace and resources available.

Categories of states of beings:

  1. Emotional – Feel

  2. Physical - Body

  3. Psychological - Mind

  4. Spiritual – Faith

It is so important to recognize all of these within the self and to allow each of them the time to process each situation and circumstance.

When out of balance one will always outweigh the others and use the other states to accomplish its own agenda.

Emotionality is something we are all very new to understanding because emotions fuel our body, mind, and soul. They lead where it feels the most comfortable, right, and safe without thought and for years we have denied them the expression they deserve to process our circumstances.

Physical follows through with the psychological conceptions of perception. How we perceive our feelings will be how we construct our reality.

Our reality is directly tied to our physical existence, without our physical existence our reality does not exist.

Without our emotional and psychological abilities to feel and imagine, we would not have our faith in the impossibilities that reality can change. Impossible situations and circumstances have been happening time and time due to the human potential to change and alter reality by following through.

We are all in the same boat called life. Every one of our own individual existences impact the human experience.

We decide, act and react accordingly to circumstances and situations presented.

We might as well all consider that each decision, action and reaction does have lasting consequences to the mental health of our life.

With that we can decide that even the smallest intentional action taken to construct our bridge will create lasting desired consequences.

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