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Happy Birthday Project Human Inc.

Happy birthday to the organization and myself.

As I reflect back on the beginning of it all four years ago, I remember this gift I gave myself for my 30th birthday. July 14, 2017 , I decided I was going to stop surviving and start living.

The only problem in that was I did not know how to. At least that is what I thought.

I am more than I think I am.

That is something I am learning to truly accept.

I thought I didn't know how I was going to live, but I had already begun it before this moment. I began living my 29th year on this earth when I made a choice to want to live.

I began by experiencing the world as if I were a new born child and embraced everything that I could.

Project Human came to when I decided to take a trip to a place I loved so much. I wanted share with my son the experience of Washington D.C. because to me it is a symbol of a life, freedom, and choice I never had before.

On this field is where I saw it all play out. I saw who and what the problem was and how it was going to be fixed.

I was the problem. My narrative was the problem. The solution?

Change my narrative.

In order to do that, I had to begin the process of unlearning 28 years of a narrative that I did not have control over.

As I watched him run around and play in the big lawn with the capitol of the United States right behind him. His total certainty in his statement "Mom, I'm gonna live there one day." That moment will forever be etched in my memory as a reminder on always PAUSING to take a moment to think about my thought before I speak it. Normally, I would have responded with "You will have to work hard, set your mind to it and you will one day achieve it." Instead, I simply stated "I want the East wing'', to which he responded to by laughing and running away. It was no need for a lecture, but support in his statement. That moment made me realize how much my narrative will either create or destroy him and his surroundings. I did not like my narrative as it was and this was the perfect time to seize the opportunity and take action in creating the change I truly wanted. And if my son wanted the office, well, I had a lot of work to do before I could ever be the mother of the President of the United States of America. A land, a nation, a home, I have so much respect for. We have problems as a nation but they are problems because of us and it is up to us to change ourselves in order to change the problems. This trip taught me so much.

When I came back, I had a vision that I am working hard to make a reality, a vision to experience humanity.

This photo represent what creatively and artistically Project Human is to me. Hope. A chance to see the full story of a human. The beginning, middle, end in all the glory each stage of life had to offer.

I wanted my humanity to be seen from beginning to end. I had no control over my first canvas, the beginning of my life, but I sure do have control in my middle and my end. I choose how I will paint the last two stages of my own existence.

Since then I have worked hard to achieve everything I say I will. It has not been easy and many, many, upon many set backs later, I am still here. WE as an organization are still here and growing. Growing in the way it is meant to because PHInc., is not just my career, or a website I just happened to be good at creating. PHInc., is literally life changing for every human who chooses to follow the path of their OWN HUMAN PROJECT. That is the core of it all. The idea that I, you, we, them, all of us, are projects within humanity and deserve the proper attention, resources, and validation of existence. Because I believe in the HUMAN first and foremost, there is no way we will ever fail only grow into something bigger and better.

Which leads me to the announcement of my birthday gift to myself and the nonprofit this year.

The official opening of our online shop. Over the last year, I have spent the time with artists locally working on creating a series of designs and products that represent us as an organization and more importantly us as individual human beings. Our greatest asset is our ability to adapt and change on a whim if necessary. We crave originality and our mission is to be as original in our product design as we possibly can. Why? Because it is important to celebrate more humans and their expression. It is time to celebrate our local talents. It has taken us a while, and many artists later, we have found one we love and want to support in their journey to achieving their dreams as an artist.

Introducing Mario Scott from Madhaus Studios Illustrations and whatnot. We are so happy to share with you our collaboration on the Checkmate Project. Checkmate is one of a few collections we have available on our shop. With this particular collection we will be using the proceeds to complete the documentary portion and our hopes our to compensate our artist for his contributions.

Check his link out --->

We have worked so hard on each and every single item, tested the product and we know you won't be disappointed. We are so thankful for every set back because the wait was worth it. Every single minute was worth coming to this moment of achievement.

Those of you who have made it all the way to the end of this blog, I thank you.

With that here is the link to the shop and you can shop away!

USE CODE PHINCNEW for 10% off your order.

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