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Written by: Adela Hittell

Thank you all for you kind patience as we have been navigating the next steps of this project.

When I started this project, I began it as I always do, to express emotions of the moments and the world around me during the time I was becoming lost.

September had already arrived and Covid-19 was in full swing all around everyone. I was beginning to fear. I was fearing the possibility of death around me. I was beginning to fear. I was fearing going out and fearing other humans. I began seeing Covid in the human. I knew I had to check myself so I sat down before my debut of another project and reflected. I have survived a genocide and I do not remember that fear. I will survive this and not fear it. I do not ever want to fear that way again.

My whole life was spent in fear of the things I did not know. So I did the only thing I could. The thing I truly have no fear in. I expressed. I do not fear my emotion any longer. I create from it. Checkmate is my break from the social standard. It is my claiming of moments I want and not the fear that is fueled by the fear that those around me hold. I decided to fight and win. That is what happened.


This happened because of the humans that decided to be a part of my journey a long time ago. In 6 weeks we found a crew, cast and sponsors to complete the project. The project began as a 4-8 minute short film to showcase that we can fight and that there are lions inside all of us and we all have the power to tap in to that and carry that weight of responsibility. That is what everyone did. They all understood the impact this project would have but none of us knew what the potential of it could be at the time. Now, we are here 2 months after filming and we are working on releasing the short to the community on March 27, 2021 to the community and tell them all thank you for SHOWING UP to make this happened. Thank you to our sponsors and donors for every bit of help and support in making the production be a safe and functional set.

List of Sponsors/Donors

Ashely Beloat School of Modeling

Will Cook Media

Scott Washington

Isabell Lindva Relator

Ivana Grbavac

Rodney Herring

Rose Sanchez

Sam Rooks

Anonymous Donation

The following is a look our Pre-production cost and how we were able to cover it. Thank you again for helping us achieve that.

We had a goal of 18 hours of on set production and because of everyone's dedication we made it happen.

Remember to follow our IG page

and the Checkmate Documentary progress and announcements

Thank you To AFR Christian Karate Dojo for donating their location and all of our cast and crew for making it all happen behind the scenes.

With all that said here is a look at some BTS photos from the production set.

Photographer : William P Cook

Photographer: Jordan Treimer


  1. Adela Hittell - Producer/Creative Director/Fashion Designer/Actress/Casting Director

  2. Nicole Labadie - Director/ Actress / Screen Writer/ Casting Director

  3. Ashley Marie Beloat - Black Queen / COVID Officer / Set RN / Casting Assistant / Modeling Coach

  4. Journey - Lead Choreography /American Sign Interpreter /Casting Assistant

  5. Rose Sanchez - White Queen

  6. Antonio J. Medina -Black King

  7. Sydd Thompson -White Knight

  8. Megan Cunningham - White/Black Pawn

  9. Christine Phillips -Black Rook

  10. David Phillips -Old man/ White Rook

  11. Nadia Seesock -White Pawn


  1. William P Cook- Cinematographer / Editor/ Photographer

  2. Sam Rooks- Gaffer

  3. Ivan Grbavac- Production Assistant

  4. Sophia Curtis- Production Assistant

  5. Mario Scott- Production Assistant / Illustrator

  6. Yolanda Curtis- Lead Hair & Makeup Artist

  7. Casie Ellison - Production Assistant / Assistant Hair & Makeup Artist /Location Scout

  8. Jordan Treimer - Interviewer / BTS Cinematographer

  9. Adela Hittell- Executive Producer /Director/Fashion Designer/Project Manager


All rights reserved by @William P Cook, Photographer / Cinematographer



Would you like to become a sponsor of the final documentary email

- AH

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