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We are so thankful for your help and we want to be as transparent in what we do as possible which is why it is important to us to be able to share with you the details of our project and what your funding has helped us do so far. What your support in liking, sharing, and loving us has helped us create.

Creative Project Initiative -CPI -What is it?

A yearly collaborative project within the community to provide hope, inspiration and motivation into change. The project allows us the following

  • To think critically, express emotionally and produce a positive tangible idea

  • Help create solutions in our communities existing mental and emotional problems

  • Educate through creative expression

Last year we started with our REBIRTH Project, where we took on the challenge of speaking out about suicide and creating a safe space for that conversation. We were so overwhelmed with support from all over within the community.

What you may not know about that project is we were unable to finish filming a very important scene due to covid. It was a very complex and intricate part of the project and we could not execute. We as a team decided we had enough content to bring the message forward and open the communication. We did and we could not be more proud of us and more powered up to create and help more humans.

That is why we are here with the next CPI called CHECKMATE.

CHECKMATE - Why is this project important to us?


This project is important because even during the worst of the worst times we as a country and the world could be experiencing, we are still coming together through HOPE. All of us are hopeful for something better in 2021 and we want to show our community that when we come together and have a solid plan we can execute, nothing is impossible.

Checkmate is multiple things, but the primary piece of art it is being produced to is a documentary of the start of Project Human Inc., PHInc., a new way to think about mental and emotional health.

This is a story about a girl who has landed in a real life game of chess and she has no idea how to play it. She has to learn the rules and navigate through a minefield of emotional trauma she never knew existed. Over the course of 3 years she learns who she is, what she stands for and how she will stand on those values and morals within. She moves when the time is right and she knows where the move will lead her and why patience has become the most important virtue to master.

She is challenged and is ready to play.

We are creating a conceptual film within the documentary to share with you what expression means to us and how we cope with our own selves.

The documentary itself explores so many different artistic expressions and perspectives that it is not what you have seen before because we are creating this as we are evolving. This is the most beautiful part of PHInc., the idea that CHANGE is good and CHANGE is necessary at any given moment and WILLINGNESS to follow through is key in individual and group success.

Now that you know what it is all about and why it is important, let me share with you what we have done so far in making this idea into a tangibility.

We launched the project initiative on Sept 20th within the team and discussions began. We set out to find a crew and cast and we did just that! The most amazing humans you can think of!

I know the universe leads me to my most treasured and desired possessions and the qualities these humans represent makes me the richest human alive.

We held meetings after meetings and then some more meetings. We planned and plotted until we had a layout and a guide.

We are 2 months in and here is what a group of 5 humans with an idea have accomplished.

  1. Procured 33 humans to help with the project.

  2. Received sponsorships from the following business:

Financial Report of the project

Our greatest hope and vision is to be as transparent about our organization and its actions as possible. We want to be honest about what we are doing with your funding in our programs and that is why we try to be as up to date as possible on our reports to you.

Here is what has happened so far.

We have launched a KICKSTARTER campaign because we believe in this so much we wanted all venues possible for funding, even if the risks were a little higher.

Our funding goal is $3,600 dollars and that is for the completion of this project at it’s bare bones with a little flavor. :D

The goal also includes the fees we have to pay with our fundraising.


We launched the fundraising 2 weeks ago and here is what has happened since then:

  • We have raised $31 on our KICKSTARTER! Unless we reach the full goal, we won't receive it but we did have support and that is so amazing!

  • We have been able to raise $469.15 which covered the music licensing, meeting software for us to rehears and meet and food items like water, fruit trays and ice.

We have been fortunate to have the following be sponsored for us:

Our filming locations

  • Iron Horse

  • AFR Christian Karate

Breakfast for 11/28

  • Donnie's Donuts

Our food for 5th/6th

  • Olive Garden

  • Firehouse


With everyone being so generous to us during this project the only big thing we have left to take care of is our safety gear. We want to make sure we are doing everything we can to keep us and those around us safe during this time.

We will be providing our humans with masks, gloves, and sanitizer. We will follow our safety and community safety guidelines during filming.

What we would really love to provide our humans with is the following:

  • Face Shields - while having masks is amazing, we want to try and help us stay safer by adding this to our safety arsenal.

This is an image from

This is also on our WISH LIST

On the wish list we also have items like

  • Sanitary Disinfecting Wipes

  • Disposable Makeup Applicators

We want to do our best during this time to protect everyone on our team and the community we work with.

If you are able to help by purchasing one of these items of our list, we would forever be grateful.

You can also fill out the SPONSOR/DONOR form sending us a direct donation for us to purchase the items. Either way, the help is greatly appreciated and needed.


We begin filming on 11/28 our commercial trailer at the IRON HORSE in Ormond Beach, FL with Bad Apple Orchard and some amazing humans who will provide us with great props for our set.

We are so excited to still be able to create during this time and have the support we have of the community!

Thank you all! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Until next time, AH



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