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New Year, New Opportunities for Growth and Evolution

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Reflecting on the past year, we find ourselves at a transformative juncture, marked by profound introspection and community impact.

As 2023 unfolded, we emerged from the shadows of the Covid era—an era defined by isolation, deep reflections, and revelations about both the world and ourselves.

However, as an organization, we observed a period of silence, a deliberate pause to redefine our values, truths, and, most importantly, to reassess our vision and mission.

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In 2022, our return to the community centered around the creation of a documentary aiming to define mental health. This endeavor brought us face-to-face with an uncomfortable truth: we were not in alignment with the genuine narrative we sought to convey. Unintentionally, we had followed trends, revealing a weakness in our organizational structure—a lack of a defined narrative.

Today, we stand proud to declare that we have found our narrative and are poised to construct the rest of the structure in the coming years.


Our Narrative: Empowering Self-Defined Health 

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Our narrative asserts that the structure of the human being shapes their state of health.

We believe in individual control over health, acknowledging genetic predispositions and medical complexities.

Our core belief is that every being is capable of healing, evolving, and creating the ultimate human experience.

In the age of free-flowing information and education, we aim to help individuals understand and apply this knowledge to their daily lives.

At Project Human Inc. (PHInc.), we advocate for universal access to healthcare resources, regardless of circumstances. PHInc. is more than a voice; it is the essence of hope—a journey toward self-discovery, rebirth, and commitment to shedding the fears that held us back.

Our mission is to provide the resources we wish we had during our personal journeys, infusing others with color, love, and compassion. We motivate individuals to take small steps toward self-care and personal growth, recognizing each moment as a new opportunity for positive change. After all it is a new year, new opportunities and new selves.

Empowering Mental Wellness in January: Focus on Anxiety Awareness 

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As we step into January, designated as Mental Wellness Month, we embark on a collective journey of education, resilience, and hope. Throughout the month, our focus is on anxiety awareness—a nuanced exploration to break down barriers, challenge stigmas, and foster a foundation of compassion.

Your mental health matters, and it's okay not to be okay. Join us as we share resources, personal stories, and tips to navigate the complexities of anxiety. Every story and experience is unique, and through shared understanding, we hope to make a meaningful impact on your journey.

In closing, Project Human Inc. envisions a world where narratives hold immense power, capable of altering societal stigmas. By changing our stories, we can collectively create, not destroy. Let's embrace every opportunity for positive change, recognizing that each day, we can be a bridge to someone else's transformation.


Article written by Adela H. / Edited by ChatGPT

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