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© 2019 by Adela Hittell 

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To bridge the gap between mental and emotional health through conversation, education and artistic expression. 


To become the platform of therapeutic resource for our selves and the community. 

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Thank you for visiting. Our newest issue is out now. Click the image above for more information. The magazine is a direct source of funding for the organization in our mission to raise the funds necessary to continue the next steps of the organization. Providing more voices the opportunity to express. 

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We have so many ways to communicate our truths and intentions that there are not many wrong ways to express.


We encourage conversation and free form writing to be one of the most beneficial therapies to begin the journey of self.  


Education for us means that we are versed and aware of our own selves and our community. We seek out conversations in which we can learn to grow from and in which we have the opportunity to educate another human. 

Tangible Product of Expression

Our goal is to educate the human and provide them with the resources for success in their every day life. Job placement, volunteer oppurtunities and more. 

Living our Mission

We have created the mission statement into our own positive and tangible product:                     PHInc. Magazine About Me Podcast 

Community outreach through monthly meetings.