CPI-Creative Project Initiative

  • Allow the human to think critically, express emotion & produce positive tangible idea.

  • Help create solutions to our community's existing problems.

  • Provides humans with an experience to learn about their emotional and mental being through the fast paced enviorment of planning, collaborating within a groups and building trust to complete the bridges set forth for the community through the projects.

Project Human Inc.- PHInc. – CPI – Creative Project Initiative where the goal is to inspire humans and business to come together and create a tangible product of express. Project that will benefit the community, raise awareness about artistic expression and create a bond of trust in ourselves and the humans around us.


CHECKMATE PROJECT - A collaborative project within the community to produce a piece of work that will bring hope for 2021. To inspire others within our community to elevate themselves and others around for a bigger and more meaningful purpose of storytelling. Finally, to motivate the community to put in the hard work and time in something that matters to each of them personally and to not give up. No matter how long it takes, hard work, dedication and most importantly smart decisions and executions create for the outcome of desired want. We are all capable of doing that.

The goal -$3,600 & Thank you Tiers


  • $5 Name credit in commercial video 

  • $15 Name credit in project and commercial video

  • $25 IMDb Credit/ name credits

  • $30 Checkmate T-shirt /Name credits

  • $50 AH/U Designed Custom Accessory Bag/ T-shirt / Name Credits /All of the above

  • $100 Ah/u designed custom accessories bag set/ All the above

  • $150 Exclusive first look at the finished Project / All the above

  • $250 Receive an illustration of Checkmate by Mario Scott, signed by the illustrator himself and cast & crew / All the above

  • $500 -Custom designed look just for you by Adela Hittell 

  • $1000 -producer credit and all the above


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