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Men's Mental, Emotional & Physical Health Awareness Project -CPI3

Over the last few years, male mental and emotional health has been a topic I have been extremely interested in researching and understanding because I have a son. My personal hope is to showcase that it is ok not to be ok and that our men do have the support they need to seek the help they need for their own well being.

I will never want my son to feel as some of the men I have spoken to in my life feel because they cannot nor do not know how to trust the conversation without ridicule, shame and judgement.



The goal of this project is the following:

  • To shine a light on men’s mental health through conversation.

  • To provide our community with real conversations from the men in their community about the impacts of daily life, circumstance and decision making have on them personally and their mind, body, and soul.

  • Produce a documentary based of the conversations to share with the community in June of 2021 for Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month

Key message is men need a safe and judgeless space to open themselves up and they need to feel the connection of trust to share. Our goal with our participants is to create that bond and that trust through their own personal stories and to create an environment of safe conversation.

§ We are not medical professionals and we do not claim to have any medical experience.

§ We have resources to point you in the right direction.

What we do have is a proven process within our organization that self-accountability, responsibility, and action are the key to success within a human. We are here to focus on proving that communication and education lead to a positive tangible human.

The layout of the Documentary

  • Beginning Jan 2021- March 2021 participants will record a REFLECTION video and assess their behaviors, reactions, and actions throughout the week with themselves and more importantly their interaction with others. Share their accomplishments and their derailments.

The way you treat others reflects how you feel about yourself.
  • During the months of Jan-March the participants will be required to schedule 1 mental health day per month and allow our camera crew to interview and have a conversation about with the participant. This is to get footage we need for documentary but also the time to really reflect upon oneself and the actions of self.

  • Between the months of April -May we will schedule a reveal of the conversations amongst the participants in a group setting in which the participants will have the opportunity to view their brothers struggles and triumphs. This moment is meant to really showcase the fact that men do not talk as much as needed and that those in that room, no matter the age nor circumstance can FEEL and EXPERIENCE the same moments. It is important to share that. This will open for a conversation amongst the participants which will be recorded for the documentary. This is the most important part of this process and will require all participants to be there unless otherwise stated.


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