2020 has taken so much from so many especially the arts. It has increased mental and emotional health issues and our leaders have not found a solution nor provided resources to help us with those issues. 

We, the artists have decided to do something in hopes to help motivate and inspire into the new year of 2021. 

CPI is about inspiring humans and business to come together and create something for the community that can connect and impact everyone and that is what this particular upcoming project is all about. 

Checkmate is about taking 2020 back and ending it with a win. It is a short collaborative conceptual short film that uses music, art, abstract expression and so much more to communicate with the community. That means we want to include our deaf and blind which is why we have taken on the challenge of learning ASL for this particular project because if we want to connect with everyone, we must learn how. 




We have 3 primary focuses in our mission:  

  • To communicate to the community the importance of recognizing their own PTSD, depression, anxiety and any other form of mental and emotional health needs. 

  • To educate the community and individual how to recognize triggers of their being and the provide the resources for them to understand and learn their process of healing

  • Produce a tangible product of expression. Creating something with your own mind, soul and body allows the human to hold it physically and bridge that last gap of belief in their own skills and abilities of creating the life for oneself. 

Our plan is long and intensive in our goal of creating a better Jacksonville. We believe that providing the community with new and innovating, safe and accepting expressive therapies, we can help with PTSD, anxiety, depression, self-harm, suicide prevention, and awareness within our community.  We truly believe in our mission that conversation and education will produce a tangible product of self.

Expression is who we are and what we stand for. We believe that now more than ever investments in art therapies and cognitive behavior therapies needs to be a top priority in the mental health crisis. We have a solution we believe is going to open doors and create a Jacksonville that is known for the humanity that it holds. 

The mission is to create bridges of opportunity for humans within our communities. PHInc., partners with those that contribute directly to the community and who provide opportunities for growth for those who need them. 

Our mission with any supporter is to work closely together on projects that find new ways to encourage humanity to believe in oneself. To create safe spaces for all to express their vulnerability in their evolution of self. 

Our belief is that humanity is going to prevail and in order to do that each human has to find their own form of expression. Their own voice. The real change starts within our own selves and those closest to us and then the change spreads into our community. 


We will create hope within each human we encounter and provide them with the necessary resources needed to succeed. The best way for the community to thrive is to uplift and reinvest into it. 


If you are interested in learning more or possibly becoming a partner/sponsor/supporter of PHInc.  please email