Project Human Inc.- PHInc. – CPI – Creative Project Initiative where the goal is to inspire humans and business to come together and create a tangible product of express. Project that will benefit the community, raise awareness about artistic expression and create a bond of trust in ourselves and the humans around us.

  • Allow the human to think critically, express emotion & produce positive tangible idea.

  • Help create solutions to our community's existing problems.

  • Provides humans with an experience to learn about their emotional and mental being through the fast paced enviorment of planning, collaborating within a groups and building trust to complete the bridges set forth for the community through the projects.

CPI is a YEARLY project for the community to come together and help bring awareness and change to an issue or challenge within the community. 

Rebirth Project 2019/2020

12/29/2019 -9/06/2020

This is the first execution of a CPI with my personal story and focus on suicided prevention. 


Adela Hittell 

William P Cook 

Nicole Labadie 
Casie Ellison 

CHECKMATE 2020/2021

09/20/2020-12/6/2020 Release 2021

Second execution in our initiative to bring awareness to mental health through artistic expression. Checkmate is about a girl who lands in a real life chess game and she has no idea how to play. Will she win? 


Adela Hittell

William P Cook 

Nicole Labadie

Ashley Beloat

Shelby Sky Jones

Yolanda Curtis

Men's Mental Health Awareness 2020/2021

Launching Jan 2021 

Release Father's Day 2021

Our goal is to truly bridge the gap between mental and emotional health and that means shining light where it is dim. Men's health is not a huge topic in our community and yet they are the ones suffering the most. Our goal is to showcase 6-8 participants in a docuseries of their lives. 

More information coming soon. 

Adela Hittell 

William P Cook 

Nicole Labadie 


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